IAG Tech was created by bringing together over 1,500 digital and IT professionals across the Group into one identity, with the simple vision of Technology Excellence in everything we do.

Our vision of Technology Excellence – to be industry leaders in the use of technology – means IAG Tech is an exciting place to work.

Our mission is to increase shareholder value, accelerate business performance, delight customers, enable employees, and protect our business through the innovative and agile use of technology and data.

Our values underpin everything we do and what we’re all about:

We value identifying new ways of using technology to solve business challenges

We value giving people the freedom to operate and that they take accountability for their activities

We value having and developing the right knowledge and competency to be able to do our jobs to the best of our ability

We value honesty and integrity and always share the reality in a manner the business understands

We value responsiveness, speed and flexibility in everything we do


We will achieve our vision of Technology Excellence by:

  • Researching and piloting the innovative use of technology across all our value streams
  • Developing a new technology vision, strategy and enterprise architecture
  • Delivering new business and technology capabilities in an efficient and effective way
  • Providing resilient services that deliver the required levels of availability and performance
  • Protecting the business from cyber threats and risks, and ensuring our compliance with external regulations
  • Running a professional function, delivering great value and developing our capabilities
  • Partnering with the individual businesses to understand and exceed their expectations
  • Leveraging the power of our capabilities for the benefit of the community and environment
  • Providing world-class, trusted technology leadership and partnerships
  • Leveraging all of this across the Group to maximise opportunities